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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Top Attractions in Prague

Here I'm going to list to attraction in Prague according to... well, me! There are a few other places but these places is a must visit to everyone travelling in Prague.

Old Town Square
This place is everything Prague have to offer. Astronomical Clock, a few famous churches, Powder Tower and Municipal House are just in walking distance from Old Town Square. If you go to Prague during Christmas like me, this is the site for their Christmas Market. Well since I'm a Muslim, there isn't a lot of choice for me to eat but hey, at least there is something. Try Trdlo/Trdelnik, a roll bread covered with sugar and cinnamon. I'm not really a fan of cinnamon but Trdlo is something. I ate at least 5 Trdlo (lost count. hahaha) during my visit.

Powder tower prague czech

Astronomical Clock
Horoscope figures aside, this is just a normal huge clock. But the design is what makes it so special. It rings its bell every hours and tonnes of tourists gather in front of it just to observe and take some picture/video of the Rings. That's not it. Its tower is the one you should climb. You can observe a bird-eye view of Old Town and takes a wonderful photos of other attraction.

astronomical clock Old town square prague czech

Tyn and St. Nicholas Churches
My personal favourite is Tyn Churches. It massive Gothic design is overwhelming! All of this photo were taken from viewing deck above astronomical clock.

Tyn Church Old town square prague czech

St Nicholas church Old town square prague czech

Charles Bridge
This is is a home to street performers and art. There are a lot of artist selling their artwork and offer to draw a cartoon version of you for a price. Walking along the bridge is pretty hectic in afternoon and evening. So I suggest you take a walk in the morning.

charles bridge Karluv most prague czech

charles bridge Karluv most prague czech

Dancing Building
This place is a must-go for architecture's students. It weird curvy design is the main point of this place. What to do here? Nothing. I stood there for like a good 3 minutes to take some pictures and go.

dancing building prague czech

Wencesles Square
This is the modern part of Prague. I suggest you start exploring Wencesles Square from metro station Mustek. This way you could see a full great view of it. There are also a small halal Kebab stall near metro Station Museum.

wencesles square prague czech

In Petrin stood an observatory tower that you should climb. Literally. I suggest you climb your way up to the top on stair and go down with the elevator. Be sure not to miss (you won't miss it) the first deck as at this deck is open air. The top deck give a you astonishing view of Prague but the downside is no windows are open. You could feel the tower shakes when a strong wind passes.

statue petrin observatory tower prague czech

petrin observatory tower prague czech

petrin observatory tower prague czech

petrin observatory tower prague czech

petrin observatory tower bird eye view prague czech

Swans' Feeding
This place is my absolute favourite of Prague. It is located next to Frank Kavka Museum. You can see it from any Charles Bridge. My advice bring plenty of bread for the swans and the ducks. But be careful, don't let them bite you.

swan feeding prague czech

Municipal Concert House
The only reason I visited this place is because I'm a fan of japanese Dramas. This place is the filming location for the movie Nodame Cantabile : The Final Score 2 where Nodame made her Piano debut playing Concerto with Franz Stresemann.

Municipal concert house nodame cantabile filming location final score 2 piano debut prague czech

Municipal concert house nodame cantabile filming location final score 2 piano debut prague czech

Prague Castle
This place is the combination of multiple Castle, a magnificent St. Vitus Church and the amazing Golden Lane where every building in this lane is made in small sizes

prague castle czech

st vitus church prague castle czech

golden lane prague castle czech

golden lane prague castle czech

Ok this is not a place but a mouthwatering peanut honey layer cake (drooling~). Everyone planning to visit Prague must include Marlenka in their To-Eat list. I never regret the first bite I take of it which make me crave for it to this very day! From what I know, this cake can be bought in supermarket but I never found one. So the easiest way to buy Marlenka is the supermarket inside Prague Main Railway Station

marlenka prague czech

Prague Travelling Tips :
1) Prague is a walking city. Almost every attraction is at walking distance. So wear a proper shoes for walking as the road are rocky (lol I don't really know how to describe the road)
2) If you don't fancy walking, buy Prague Day Pass/3-Days Pass. It is cheaper than a single ticket and you can travel with Trams, Buses, Metro Subways and even Funicular Train to Petrin with it.
3) Travelling in Group might take much more time but honestly, I spent only one day to visit all these place describe above. Might be possible for a group of two too.
4) Buying Prague Card give you access to enter every top places for free. Choose which pack suit you most.

I hope you enjoy your upcoming Trip to Prague.
If only I can ask you to buy me Marlenka and Trdlo...

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