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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Travelling with Kelana Convoy?

First of all I would like to thank you reader for making this post appear on the first page of Google Search. If you get some time in your trip, don't forget to mention my post here to the guide.

From I see from my Trafic Overview by Nuffnang, most of people land on my blog by searching in google "Kelana Convoy" and "Kelana Convoy review". I'm not really sure what the heck are you guys looking for, but I would like to apologise the disappointment you get when you read my previous blogpost about Kelana Convoy. I was too lazy that time to write a full review whatsoever. So now, I would like to give my full review.

If you are still in doubt about Kelana Convoy, I suggest you rethink again. There are nothing to doubt about Kelana Convoy. They give the best they can so that It will be worth or better for the cheap price you pay.  Could anyone tell me a Travel Company that charge you a mere RM4000 and guide you for 13 days in Europe visiting 6-8 Country? Only Kelana Convoy does that! They even provide foods for your entire Europe's trip.

Our cabin in Paris
Kelana Convoy give you a unique way of travel by providing accommodation at a campsite (sleeping in tent or upgrade to cabin). This is how they manage to offer an amazing Europe's tour at a cheap price. The guide also gives a detailed explanation of every places. He even tell you the location of Hard Rock Cafe for those collectors. If you still doubt that if there is someone really want to travel that way, than try check their tour's itinerary. Tour during summer are usually fully booked and packed.  The owner once told us that on summer he will be guiding  full capacity of 4 double-decker bus. If you check their website, even Rosyam Nor and his family joined their tour once!

Paris' Grand Mosque
One thing that my tour with Kelana Convoy is how they include Islamic aspect. For example, the guide explained to us how liberalism in Netherlands and what Islam teach us. The guide constantly reminded us about the Greatness of Allah's creation. They also never forgot to remind us about Salah and even brought us to Mosque and suggest Halal Restaurant.

Our Group : Highlight of Europe 2013
Another joy of Kelana Convoy is getting to know other person/family. This help increase your social circle. Who know, later the person you meet might help you with your job or you might found your future spouse. I guess without Kelana Convoy, I probably don't have friends who are doctor, a university Prof etc.

There is one things that I hope can be fixed. From my last trip with them, some of important places are not covered completely. In my case this happen while we were in Paris. We were shown Notre Dame just from inside our moving bus. Any attempt to take a photo would be pointless as the quality of the photo would be terrible and shaky. Montmartre and Musee du Louvre (Mona Lisa) were also not included. And lucky for me I didn't took the Disneyland Paris option as I think that would not worth me trip. My sugesstion is don't go to Disneyland. Hahahahaha. Ask the guide which places would be covered in the official tour (2nd day) Paris. If some of your target places are not included, throw away Disneyland Paris (1st day) and explore Paris on your own. To make things easier download an android apps called Paris Metro Subway Guide (this is for London). This apps is suitable for those metro-subway beginner. Small group with the same mission with you is highly recommended. As for us who opted not to go to Disneyland, the guide brought us to Gallery La Fayette, Paris Opera House and Musee du Louvre. After that we explore by ourselves to Grande Arche and Montmartre. Though I regret not exploring Paris with only the two of us (Iqa and I).

I guess I can conclude my long and obvious fact about Kelana Convoy by saying They rocks! └(^o^)┘

New Update! 10 April 2014

How to maximized your trips, minimized your money

This tips and trick is a collection of what I've done during my trip Highlights of Europe (winter) with Kelana Convoy and what I observed other people in my group did.

1) Travel at a place in a small group.
I recommend 2-3 person per group. Although you travel from Malaysia with a big group i.e extended family, please do this when you are traveling in a place. Group with people with the same goal and the same interest. Your trip will be meaningless if you wish to see the painting of Mona Lisa but stick with people who hate museum.

2) Do your research
Prepare early about which place you would like to visit. The tour guide will usually give 2-3 hours period for us to roam freely at current city. Sort out you priority and plan everything. I do means everything which means you'll have to know which tram you need to take, what kind of ticket you should buy and what will you do. I downloaded an offline Europe guide, which allow me to find every information I need. For example : by the time we reached Amsterdam, Iqa and I already headed toward the ticket machine and wait for our tram while others are still asking the guide about which ticket they should buy. Since I already know that traveling in Europe means visiting either buildings or museum, Iqa and I spend our time at a landmark/tourist spot taking only a few good picture before we move on to other place. this way, we both can have our pictures taken at most famous landmarks within just 2-3 hours including buying souvenirs and trying local foods.

3) Never pay for shower
Certain campsites required you to pay around €2 for a 5 minutes shower and extra for hot shower. My advice : never throw away minerals water's bottle they give in the bus. What we did is we collect around 10 or more bottles, fill it with water from the sink and shower with it. Although this is a terrible idea for a winter trip (the water from the sink is freaking cold) but it is a brilliant idea for a summer trip. And we did this in winter. Its is good when you could find a sink with both cold and hot water supply.

4) Never buy lunch. 
Both breakfast and dinner is included in your trip daily (check with your itinerary). Meals are rarely provided for lunch because this time is usually the time for you to roam free and try multiple local delicacies. The guide will point out/bring you to a halal restaurant available within the area. If you want to cut your cost then don't buy lunch. I didn't do this tips as I get hungry easily especially in winter. A person in our group did this though. She brought a Tupperware together in her luggage and but-load of Maggi Goreng, bread and bread spread such as Tuna. During breakfast she eats her breakfast and then prepare Maggi or bread for her lunch. I never saw her buy any lunch, only some snacks such as waffle or crepes. When we got back to our campsite, then will she ate heavy food at Dinner.

5) Remove any shopping attempt.
This tips seems impossible as I'm sure most of Malaysian that visit Europe plan to shop. But it is still possible. During my trips I only buy souvenirs. No new handbags or clothes. Just postcard and fridge's magnet.

I guess you have done a lot of research for you upcoming trips. Here a thing to rest your mind and heart for a while. Click here!
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