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Monday, 3 February 2014

Toon Walk

TOON Walk - die verrückte Comicparade
Nürnberg,1 Feb 2014

or in english The Craziest Comical Parade is no kidding. It was crazy!!!!!
I paced myself to Nürnberger Altstadt in order to reward myself after finishing my Physics exam. I was welcomed be massive crowd in between City Point and Galeria Kaufhof. Mascots are everywhere. Not to forget cosplayers too. The atmosphere was amazing. Altstadt did felt alive. The live music really make it more festive. I danced along with the crowd, ignoring a few people that looked at me. What? Does a girl with a Hijab isn't allowed to have fun?

Now, I bring all of that energy to you!

Hello Kitty sombong! ahahahaha

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