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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Berlin, Germany

First time in my life, it felt good to be back in Germany. We spent 4 days sight-seeing in Berlin. The hostel that we stayed was superb! 5 stars to One80 Hostel Berlin! We spent our first day visiting historical sites and famous landmarks. from Brandenburger Tor, we walked to Reichtag (Parliment), Holocaust Memorial, Postdamer Platz. Then we went to Checkpoint Charlie and finish our day with a dinner at indonesian's restaurant named Nusantara. The food was soo delicious that I ordered Chicken's Fried Rice as take-away.       

goofing aroud with the photobooth at One80 Berlin

One80 Berlin

Brandenburger Tor


Holocaust Memorial

I always think that the pathway are hollow

roof in Postdamer Platz. Great view at night
Checkpoint Charlie
my delicious Chicken Bakso at Restaurant Nusantara, Berlin
Day 2 : we visited Berlin's Wall, Madame Tussauds and Sea Life. The worst part is that I bought Combi-Ticket for Berlin Dungeon and it still on construction! Screw Berlin Dungeon. And because of slow internet, I had been double charged for those tickets! I lost EUR 150+!

Berlin Wall

I can't believe it is quite new

I blew my chance taking picture with fake Einstein

... and took one with fake George Clooney
Group photo in Madame Tussauds Berlin

I love this one!

Squid in Sea life
Day 3 : We mostly stroll around Alexanderplatz, go shopping at Primark, had a lovely ice-cream at Häagen Dasz and visited a pop culture Museum. And trust me, souvenir hunting at last minute is hard and tiring!

Fernsehturm and Weltzeituhr

action figures in pop culture museum

It is far from evil with that size and handing candys

Brandenburger Tor at night!

Snow in Berlin

and we went home feeling tired, and broke! hahahahaha~

Copenhagen, Danemark

Copenhagen is great! Although finding a great cheap souvenir was not easy for me. Ok! From Malmö, we went to Copenhagen. Since it was so cold, there wasn't so much thing that we can do. We went to a Botanical Garden, visited a Palace and ate our dinner at New Harbour on our first day in Copenhagen.

that is one big green house!

how I miss tropical forest

Rosenberg palace

breathtaking New Harbour
 On our second day, we went to visit a royal library called Black Diamond, take a trip with a water bus (boat) on our to visit a Round Tower where you can see the whole Copenhagen!

Black Diamond

Water Bus

It was only us!

Round Tower

No stairs!

the view of Copenhagen
and then we flew back to Berlin to continue our holiday...

Malmö, Sweden

Since my friend Diyana wanted to meet her relative, we all ended up went to Malmö, Sweden. There wasn't really much we did but I love the experience expecially with the people. The people are nice and friendly and not to forget really helpful! It made the whole journey worthy and pleasent.

our holiday house. It is lovely but too far from town

Bridge connecting Malmö and Copenhagen

Malmö Museum

Doll's house


life-sized kaleidoscope

We went to Malmö Museum on the second day as we let our first day in Malmö go by sleeping because everyone is too tired. The museum is amazing but ruined with only a few exhibitions caption in english.
We were hoping to visit a museum in Lund but sadly, the museum were closed. So we went to Emporia. Emporia is a newly-open shopping centre. It is amazing! It has a lot of chairs for tired visitor to sit, free wifi, wonderfull choice of shops and brands to spend your money with, a specific corner for Xbox Kinect and charging ports and colourfull decoration.

morning walk


decoration of green zone in Emporia

area for Xbox Kinect 

wall decoration on charging station

dinner at Vapiano
and we continue our journey at Copenhagen, Danemark.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Hard Work

I just went through my first examinations as a foreign Student in Nürnberg, Germany. It was my toughest challenge so far as the examination were in German. Everything happened.

I had a panic attact during my first paper Physics. Everything went blank and I can't remember or understand anything. As a result I received my orange coloured Note 5 for Physics.

Alhamdulillah, all next papers are quite relaxing. Not that it is easy but I managed to calm myself down and answer all the question as best as I could. Alhamdulillah no more panic attack.

Though I am a bit jealous of my friend's achievement, I believe there is a reason why Allah did all this to me. Maybe it is because of my lack of work, maybe I didn't study good enough, or maybe Allah want me to understand the feeling of Failure and want me to understand more about Physics. InsyaAllah I will do my best next semester! Aminnnnn...

Happy Anniversary Second Batch MRSM Kepala Batas

I will never forget 18 February 4 years ago. For the first time in my life, I register in school by myself.
I will never forget the memories
I will never forget all friends I met there
I will never forget how all those events, problems and happiness change me.
I will never forget how I changed 180º
Miss them so much!

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