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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Malmö, Sweden

Since my friend Diyana wanted to meet her relative, we all ended up went to Malmö, Sweden. There wasn't really much we did but I love the experience expecially with the people. The people are nice and friendly and not to forget really helpful! It made the whole journey worthy and pleasent.

our holiday house. It is lovely but too far from town

Bridge connecting Malmö and Copenhagen

Malmö Museum

Doll's house


life-sized kaleidoscope

We went to Malmö Museum on the second day as we let our first day in Malmö go by sleeping because everyone is too tired. The museum is amazing but ruined with only a few exhibitions caption in english.
We were hoping to visit a museum in Lund but sadly, the museum were closed. So we went to Emporia. Emporia is a newly-open shopping centre. It is amazing! It has a lot of chairs for tired visitor to sit, free wifi, wonderfull choice of shops and brands to spend your money with, a specific corner for Xbox Kinect and charging ports and colourfull decoration.

morning walk


decoration of green zone in Emporia

area for Xbox Kinect 

wall decoration on charging station

dinner at Vapiano
and we continue our journey at Copenhagen, Danemark.
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