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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Nürnberger Fishtage

We were so lucky. We thought on going to Nürnberg city centre just to shop. Instead, we found out that they are having a Fischtage or Fish's Day! So, here are some of the photos

nürnberg fischtage 2012

nürnberg fischtage 2012

nürnberg fischtage 2012

nürnberg fischtage 2012

nürnberg fischtage 2012

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

House Warming Coburg

Just some picture on House Warming at Coburg last Saturday.

I went home with a full stomach. Alhamdulillah!


My Obsession towards Japan doesn't simply ends at Drama and Anime. Now, I try to learn how to cook their famous food. So far, I've already cooked Sushi and Oyakodon. Hahaha, I thought I already tried a lot of Recipes. So, this time I tried to cook Okonomiyaki

To make the real Okonomiyaki with its true Ingredients wasn't easy when you live outside Japan. So I follow the recipe from runnyrunny999 at Youtube. and other added ingredients I follow a video from cookingwithdog. I just put everything. So here is the video from runnyrunny999.

And here is my on-pan Okonomiyaki



Oktober Greetings

Wahhhh~ It has been a long time since I wrote the last post. We are now in the middle of Oktober. There are a lot of things going on right now. I now enrolled in Georg-Simon-Ohm-Hochschule Nürnberg to study Applied Chemistry. Not to forget, autumn is here! Since my result for both DSH and TestDaF are not enough, I need to take extra Deutsch C1-Kurs.

Adapting in the Lecture wasn't an easy task. From the whole students in my course, only Afiqah and I wearing Hijab. So we are easy to spot despite our Asian looks. These beginning Lectures might be easy as I already learnt during A Level. Only the language are different. It is hard for me to make new friends since I am a very shy person and most of the Germans already have their own group. Despite all that, I survived!

I hope I will be able to study at the same pace as other students!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Oyakodon is simple japanese food eaten with rice. Oyakodon named are taken from Oya (parents) and Ko in word Kodomo (children) and don are Donburi. It is named from woth parent and children because the dishes contain both chickens and eggs. So here is my first try of Oyakodon.

my hidious version of Oyakodon. Perhaps I used too little eggs

and this is the real version! Oishi so!

Its really easy to make Oyakodon. I follow the recipe from here.
Do try it out. It is delicious!

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