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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ayam Kukus Malas

Aku namakan resepi ni Ayam Kukus Malas sebab setiap kali malas nak masak, aku mesti makan Ayam Kukus ni. Resepi ni tak ada sukatan dan hanya menggunakan bahan2 masak asas je. Resepi ni sihat sebab tak guna minyak.

Ayam (ni wajib. kalau tak ada, nama resepi ni Kukus Malas)
Bawang besar (bubuh la banyak mana nak bubuh)
Bawang putih (kurang sikit dari bawang besar)
Cili padi (ikut tahap kepedasan yang kotang suka)
Halia (optional. setakat nak bagi ayam beraroma je.)
Perasa (Sos tiram, kicap, garam etc)

Cara2 Memasak
Rendamkan ayam dalam air panas. Basuh dulu ye ayam tu. Sementara tu, potong bahan2 lain dan teraburkan atas bekas yang korang nak kukus ayam tadi tu. Halia dan bawang putih ditumbuk. Ambil ayam dan air rendaman ayam tu dan tuang dalam bekas kukus tu. If korang tak suka kukus berkuah, skip step rendaman tadi tu. Akhir sekali kukus sampai masak. 

Resepi ni aku suka buat sebab senang dan cepat. Cepat pada aku adalah 6-8 minit je dah siap. 6-8 minit kukus ayam? Hehe, terima kasih kepada kawan baikku Iqa di Jepun, dia belikan aku Silicon Microwave Steamer jenama Fleur. Jadi boleh la aku kukus makanan dalam microwave guna bekas ni. Untuk resepi ni aku kukus selama 8 minit at 700W kat dalam microwave. 

sebijik macam aku punya!

House Warming

We had been planning about the so called Junior House Warming for a long time. Somehow, after a short spontaneous discussion, we decided to do our House Warming last Saturday. It wasn't really a House Warming since I had been warming my apartment for almost a year since last September. On short notice, we invited our guest the Nürnberger and the lucky Deggendorfer to this House Warming. We cooked Fried Kuew Teow, Chicken Rice, Cheese Cake, Tiramisu Cake and Banana Split cake. (The amount of desserts is overwhelming!). Enjoy!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Insomnia do the Talk

Lets talk about feeling. About love. About heart
Shall we?

Early marriage trend do their comeback. I still remember during Primary school. Mama told us that Opah (Grandma) got married at a very young age. We all was like "Nope, I don't want to get married early." And here we are surrounding by those young parents at their twenties whom already had their first child! I'm trying to be ignorant about this, but when you hear someone saying "When will I get married?" "Am I the only one around here who are still single?" and stuffs like that non-stop, your brain keep thinking about it too. Non-stop.

I am quite secretive about this stuffs, although being secretive right now doesn't make any sense. But somehow, these questions keep bugging me :

"Do I actually like him?"
"Does my decision wrong to suddenly back off?"
"Does he likes me too after all those conversation?"

Its okay. Call me whatever you want. I am a daydreamer like that. I believe that Allah have already wrote my destiny and fate. And I believe that I will meet The Guy when the time comes. I strongly believe!

An anonymous once said to me "If you thinking about a guy before you sleep, its either you hate him or you love him"

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Nürnberger Fruhlingsfest

... or Nuremberg Spring Festival is one of the annual festival in Nuremberg. My friends and I went specifically yesterday because of the Fireworks show on 10.15 pm. To be honest, this kind of festival is always the same whenever it will be held. But tonight, they show me something else. Wide range of entertainment such as Power Tower and Berg & Tal are certainly extreme. The one in Genting Highland, Malaysia is nothing compare to this! I usually avoid this kind of ride. The cold and windy weather somehow killed our mood. As the Fireworks' show approached, we walked toward the lake near Dutzendteich with some glowing stick in our hand. Somehow the crowd are not as excited as the one in Munich last year.

and watching a guy (with amazing poker face) vomit inside the Tram wasn't a great way to end this day. Yuck!
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