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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Nürnberger Fruhlingsfest

... or Nuremberg Spring Festival is one of the annual festival in Nuremberg. My friends and I went specifically yesterday because of the Fireworks show on 10.15 pm. To be honest, this kind of festival is always the same whenever it will be held. But tonight, they show me something else. Wide range of entertainment such as Power Tower and Berg & Tal are certainly extreme. The one in Genting Highland, Malaysia is nothing compare to this! I usually avoid this kind of ride. The cold and windy weather somehow killed our mood. As the Fireworks' show approached, we walked toward the lake near Dutzendteich with some glowing stick in our hand. Somehow the crowd are not as excited as the one in Munich last year.

and watching a guy (with amazing poker face) vomit inside the Tram wasn't a great way to end this day. Yuck!
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