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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Winter Trip with Iqa

I finally met my best friend again last Winter. Since travelling in Europe can be quite mess, we decided to went with Kelana Convoy on their Highlight of Europe. This is not a Kelana Convoy's review just a simple travelogue. As I'm not gonna give some review or comment but I can assure you that this is the cheapest yet easiest way to travel around Europe specifically for a Muslim.
The only thing I don't like is that there are limited time to visit famous places. Some of the places such as Notre Dame in Paris is sometimes left out from the schedule, so you have to go by yourself. My advise : Travel alone or a group of 2-3 person to maximize the time.

Volendam and Amsterdam, Holland

Our first destination is Volendam. It is a small village near the sea. During our visit, the wind is too strong! We learnt how their traditional shoes were made and how the produced cheese. We also learnt how they process diamond. Not to forget the wonderful museum in Museumplein where the word "I amsterdam" and the famous Van Gogh Museum stand

volendam amsterdam kelana convoy highlight of europe

Brussels, Belgium

Then we headed to Brussels. Sadly Mini-Europe were closed. So, we visited Atomium and walked around The Grand Square and City Hall. This place somehow reminds me of Marienplatz, Munich. Not far from the Grand Square, stand the famous Mannequin Piss. I wonder what make the statue of peeing boy so famous? We ended our journey here by eating the famous Belgium Waffle


One small country in Europe. Also one of the richest country. we visited the place purely on architectural reason.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzeland

I never knew that Switzeland isn't part of EU! That would somehow explain why I was charged when I try to withdraw some money. and somehow, everything is expensive. Our main event was the Jungfraujoch. As stated everywhere they could, Jungfraujoch is the highest mountain in Europe or "Top of Europe" Alhamdulillah, The weather was wonderfull when we went up. Since it is so bright and my stupid self forget to bring sunglasses, I bought one at Kleine Scheideg. Headache sometime slow down our trip due to lack of oxygen. But this place really is wonderful. Great for winter sport too.

Paris, France

Some people said that this place is romantic. Well not for me. I never walked around feeling unsecure about my Belongings. In Paris, pickpockets and con artist are everywhere! Somehow, I try to ignore them and make my trip more memorable. We visited everywhere we could and shopped to our heart desire. Somehow I do regret as we spent too much time at Grand Arch. For me, the trip to Fragonard Perfume Museum was the best. I learnt a lot about Perfume and buy some too.

This is certainly one of my best moment in life! Lets go somewhere else together again, Iqa!
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