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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Second Semester

If it was a game, I would say that I have level-up to level 2. Nothing get easier. It getting tougher and tougher. With the second semester of my study, I have a lot of new subject and a lot of praktikum. Making it worst, I need to repeat my Physics' paper and find a new apartment. I decide to make this semester better. I will be planning my day accordingly and try not to waste time. I want to achieve my goals for this year.

Summer semester. The horror. There will be a lot of tiring Praktikum, a lot of annoying Report. From my view there will be no vacation for me this semester. Well, I had enough travelling during last winter break. This semester is definitely a nightmare. Some of Colloqium of test will be an oral test. Exam for Excel/VBA will held this semester too. I couldn't imagine anything worst

First Goal achieved. I enroll in Japanese class at my university. As I expected, I am the only foreigner. The class is to me can be both interesting and boring. Interesting? because I learn the language officially and correctly. Boring? I already learn all some by myself and thre isn't a lot of Vocabulary that I learn from the class yet. I am planning to continue the class until the end, until I can speak proper Japanese. Although learning Japanese in German can be quite tiring.

Apartment Hunting. This is the important yet disappointing. my friend and I have been to some House-Visit or Besichtigungstermin with the hope that we get to rent the apartment. I really confused! How the hell the choose the person who will rent the room? Sometime I got the feeling that all of this happen because we are foreigners. I really hope that we can move in before examination start at the end of this semester

The cake I ordered from Zairie Halal Homemade Cake for my surprise project for my family in Malaysia. (please ignore the wrongly spelled Geburtstag) Happy Birthday everyone!

Middle Europe forget to spring. I had enough of snow!
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