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Sunday, 30 September 2012

My Room in International Students' Resident Hall Max Kade, Nürnberg

Omataseshimashita! Thanks for waiting. Finally after one month moving in Max Kade, I can show you the picture of my room. Ops, no picture for the wardrobe. hehehe. Enjoy!

Friday, 21 September 2012

IKEA Family

Yesterday, I received my long-awaited IKEA Family card. There are a lot of advantages when you are a part of their IKEA Family member.

1. Monthly discount on a selected product.
2. Free coffee per visit at IKEA Restaurant
3. Free IKEA Live magazine which will be publish 4 times a year
4. Birthday's surprise via E-mail for registered family member aged until 17 years old
5. Invitation to some of IKEA's events
6. A chance to win Gift Card. There will be one winner per month. Just show your IKEA Family's card at the counter everytime you shop!

and many more!

There are 2 version of this card which are a normal IKEA Familys card and the card which you can pay with (like credit card). And the best part ist, you can use your card on on your country but at all IKEA stores worldwide!

So, apply for IKEA Family now and enjoy great discount!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

DAK Insurance for Student

Here in Germany, it is compulsary for everyone to have an insurance. Because everytime you have an appointment with the doctor, they will ask about insurance and not the money. So most of MARA student use insurance from DAK. its around 70€ per month and only valid for a student from University or Fachhochschule (University of Applied Science).

So today, I got my DAK insurance card!

Altstadt, Nürnberg

Last Saturday, we went for a walk at Altstadt, Nürnberg. Our tour-guide was Amir who study in FH Regensburg. He knows about Nürnberg more than us who are going to live here. Well, as the name said, the city is fill with old beautiful buildings. So, enjoy!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Last Day of School (MRSM Kepala Batas)

As all juniors went home, we celebrate the end of class by goofing around Foyer, taking pictures. I miss those days where, I still at school and still slim! Muahahaha.



Oh, it was also, the beginning of SPM!

Halal Chicken at Chicken 4 You, Nürnberg

It was my friends who discover this stall. The name of the stall is "Chicken 4 You" As for me, I think it was the same as chicken at Kenny Rogers' Roasters. So, for those who want to try this awesome halal chicken, do follow this public transport instruction :

Stop : Aufseßplatz
Tram Line 5 Worzeldorfer Str.
U-bahn U1 Langwasser Süd

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Easy Ice-Cream Tiramisu Cake

Somehow I feel grateful that I am now in Germany. Since I am a Muslim, I find it hard to find halal food especially food that originated from Europe. In order to eat it, I need to cook my own food. So do cakes especially Tiramisu. They usually used wine as one of its ingredient. So, I want to share a recipe (malay) on how to make an easy Ice-Cream Tiramisu. I got this recipe from my mother. Thanks!

my ice cream tiramisu


400g ais krim (ikut kegemaran)
200g krim keju
4 sudu makan gula pasir
2 sudu makan serbuk Nescaffe
biskut Marie (ikut suka)
serbuk koko (hiasan)

Cara2 Membuat

  1. Bancuh serbuk Nescaffe dgn air panas. sejukkan sebentar ( biar suam).
  2. Alas loyang dgn baking paper (optional)
  3. Celupkan biskut Marie satu persatu dlm air kopi dan susun dlm loyang.
  4. Tekan2 biskut Marie hingga padat untuk dijadikan base kek. ketebalan bergantung kepada kehendak individu
  5. Pukul krim keju dgn gula hingga sebati. Masukkan aiskrim. 
  6. Pukul sebati. Pastikan adunan aiskrim, krim keju dengan gula tak terlalu cair.
  7. Kemudian masukkan adunan ke dalam loyang yg mengandungi biskut tadi.
  8. Taburkan serbuk koko di atas adunan tadi.
  9. Akhir sekali masukkan dalam peti ais hingga keras
tips : Pastikan adunan tak cair. Kalau cair, kek tak keras means kek tak jadi

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My 9GAG Post #2

What I always think when someone like a sad status...

IKEA in My Life

I really love IKEA! Even receiving only its catalogue makes me happy. Some of their things are cheap! real cheap! And I will make use their cheapness with tiptop quality to the fullest in my whole life. Especially as a student in Germany. Hehe~ out of boredom I want to write about some of things that I already bought at IKEA. (all prices are in Euro) (click on pictures for extra zoom-in)

For my Bed

They are cheap and comfortable!

For Cooking and Eating

I really love all this. Where on earth you could get 3 Pots for the price of 7€? IKEA! Great quality, affordable price! and I bought children's cups and plates for two reason. Me saving money and DIET!

For Recycling

Yup, Germany has their own rules on separating the trash. So, to make it easier for me, I need a Trash-Sorter. Found one!

For My Clothes

so, check which one is your favourite at IKEA stores near you or simply check on their website http://www.ikea.com/

Funny Love Song

Recently, I get stucked with the opening song of anime Nichijou (Daily Life). After looking at its lyrics, I realized that the song is a love song. A Funny love song!

01 - Hyadain no Kakakata Kataomoi-C

Powered by mp3skull.com
translation from animelyrics

Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
tattaima hajimete kidzuita
koi ni ochita no da naa
nijuuyo jikan kimi kimi kimi
ishiki sezaru wo emasen!
I realized just now
I fell in love, didn't I?
24 hours a day just you, you, you
I can't get my mind off you!
nanka (nanka) itsumo to chigau
kimi to (futari) gikochinai kaiwa
masaka (ryouomoi) iya kataomoi
yabai! shisen acchatta!!!
Somehow you seem different from usual
while having an awkward conversation with you
Could it be mutual love? No, it's one-sided love
Oops! Our eyes met!!!
nani nani!? kono doki-doki!?
shikou kairou gucchagucha konsen...
konna koto hajimete da yo
netsu demo aru no ka naa
What is this!? Why is my heart pounding!?
My train of thought is all off-track...
This has never happened to me before
Maybe I have a fever?
kyuuten chokka irasshatta koigokoro
acchuuma kao hakka de makkakka
ba-ba... baka na!? te ga furueru zo
kore ga zoku ni iu "koi" nano!?
My love has taken a sudden turn
In no time my face turned burning red
N-no way! My hands are shaking
Is this this so-called "love"?
ya-ya-yacchatta kaiwa kamimakuri
kimazui chinmoku ma-mi-mu-me-mo
kimi no (kimi no) kimochi shiritai yo
ka-ka-kata kataomoi
I-I managed conversation, but I keep stuttering
Awkward silence *mumble mumble*
I want to know your feelings,
My o-o-one-one-sided love
mune ga moyamoya suru yo
shokuyoku sanjuu percent minus...
nande daro ki ni naru n'da
ara yada koi kashira
My chest is feeling funny
My appetite minus 30 percent
Why would that be, I wonder
Oh no, could it be love?
nantonaku ki ni natteta kedo
otomodachi datta no ni
yappa yappa
sou iu koto na no nee

issen, koechaimasu?
For some reason this has been bugging me for a while
that although we are friends
After all
It's like that, you know?
Where we cross the line of friends?
bucchake (bucchake)
taipu de wa nai!
risou (kanari) takakatta kara
dakedo (I don't care!)
kankei nai sa
chotto maji de suki kamo...
To be frank,
she's not my type!
I put the bar pretty high after all
But I don't care
It doesn't matter
Gosh, maybe I really am in love
shitten battou dobatto koigokoro
ikinari sekai ga shangurira
ma-ma-maji ka!? korya tamaran zo
mune ga juku-juku shiteru no da
The agony! My love is overflowing
All of a sudden the world is Shangri-la
S-serious? I can't hold this out
My heart is overflowing
mousou gensou risou ga daibousou
seigyo dekinai yo dame ningen?
kimi wa (kimi wa) donna kimochi na no?
ka-ka-kata kataomoi
Delusions, illusions and ideals run amok
I can't control them! Am I hopeless?
How are YOU feeling?
My o-o-one-one-sided love
moshi tsukiaeta nara
nante yobou ka na
adana toka sabbui ka naa
If we would be dating,
what should I call her?
Would a nickname be too lame?
hitori de katte ni mousou deeto
eiga minagara poppukoon 'ssho
On my own I imagine our date
It's gotta be a movie with popcorn!
The idea puts a smile on my face!!
kyuuten chokka irasshatta koigokoro
acchuuma kao hakka de makkakka
ba-ba... baka na!? te ga furueru zo
kore ga zoku ni iu "koi" nano!?
My love has taken a sudden turn
In no time my face turned burning red
N-no way! My hands are shaking
Is this this so-called "love"?
ya-ya-yacchatta kaiwa kamimakuri
kimazui chinmoku ma-mi-mu-me-mo
kimi no (kimi no) kimochi shiritai yo
ka-ka-kata kataomoi
I-I managed conversation, but I keep stuttering
Awkward silence *mumble mumble*
I want to know your feelings,
My o-o-one one-sided love
hatsukoi!! itsumo no tsuugakuro
pika-pika hikaru I DO fall in love!
sora mo tobesou sa
ka-ka-kata kataomoi
Puppy love!! The same old road to school
is shining, I DO fall in love
I feel like I could fly
O-o-one-one-sided love

Monday, 10 September 2012

Alfredo or Carbonara?

Alfredo or Carbonara? Which one is actually the real name? Or you didn't even know the name. Well, ignore that tiny issue. It is just a name of a food. As long as it is delicious, I don't even care what they call it. (I call it Carbonara actually). So, I want to share a recipe (malay) of Carbonara since all instant Carbonara in Germany have alcoholic ingredient.

My Carbonara


3 ulas Bawang Putih (dihiris/didadu)
1 biji Bawang merah (dihiris/didadu)
2-3 sudu makan Tepung Gandum
1 setengah cawan Susu Full Cream 
Lada Hitam 
Cheese (bergantung kepada kelikatan kuah)
Parsley flakes (Hiasan)

Cara2 Memasak

Tumis bawang putih dan bawang merah. Jangan lama sangat sebab nanti kuah tu berbau bawang yang sangat kuat.
Tambahkan tepung gandum then susu. Kacau sehingga sebati
Tambahkan Garam dan lada hitam secukup rasa. (buat masin sikit pun takpe sebab nak makan dengan spaghetti yang tawar tu)
Bila kuah mendidih, tambah cheese.
Kacau sampai cheese betul2 cair.

tips : tabur Parsley flakes sebagai hiasan
        if sukakan lebih cheese, selepas hidang dalam pinggan, tabur cheese dan masukkan dalam microwave 

So, Bon Appetit!

Registering New Address

Another boring procedure with Germany's government. Since I now live in Nürnberg. I need to register my new address and renew my residence permit. Another long line to queue.

Just Me

No daboom Gossip
No mouth-watering Recipes
No wonderful make-up tips

Just Me, writing my own Story

Another Trip to IKEA

I went to IKEA again. But this time wit Afiqah. And boy did we shop. We had a blast!

Here a quick snap of Afiqah.

Moving Out

Did I tell you that we already moved out using a car. Yup, a car! After 3 days trying to rent a car with various problems, we finally managed to rent a car at the last car-rental company. So, here a quick shot of Fara and I in the car toward Deggendorf.

McD Coupons

Get a bunch of McD Coupons. Unfortunately, I can't used it. Only 5 coupons are edible for a muslim like me

Oh Nom Nom Nom at KFC

Its my first visit to KFC in Nürnberg. Its our first time to order a group meal. Guten Appetit!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Trip to IKEA

Since we cancelled our Move-out today, we went to IKEA in Nürnberg/Fürth. Fara took a lot of picture. IKEA certainly make us dream about our future new house next semester. And we had lunch too!

Its All Your Fault, Bank!

Yesterday, we have money problem for car-rental. So, I transfered my money to Fara's bank account so that we have enough money. And you know what, until the next day, the money are still not in Fara's account. They even required one day for a mere transfer. Pfft! <(`^´)> Oh, as a revenge, we went to IKEA.

First Night at Nürnberg

I recently moved in to a one-room appartment in International's Student Hostel Max Kade in Nürnberg. Due to problem with car-renting, we postponed our move-out trip on Tuesday. So, I bought only this to survive my first night in Nürnberg

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