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Sunday, 2 September 2012

A Day in Coburg

After moving out from CDC Munich, I am now staying at Coburg with Diyana. This Monday, I will move to my new hostel in Nürnberg. I'll update the picture of my room later! So, back to Coburg. To settle everything regarding their beautiful ex-house, Gee and Syahirah accompanied by Afiqah went to Coburg on Friday. Since Afiqah is craving for Pistazie's Ice Cream, we all went to the city centre of Coburg. Since this is all-girls outing, shopping is a must. Instead of only Afiqah who wanted to buy a shoes, Gee and Syahirah ended up buying shoes as well! So, let the pictures do the talk!

Fiqa with her pistashio-flavoured ice-cream. Syahirah always go for choc-dark choc combo

Fate separate them later... 

That same expression everytime I take her picture with an ice-cream

Sulky Afiqah. Its kinda weird actually for her to avoid a camera

snapshot of city-centre of Coburg

the shoes-shopping's session!

p/s : I recheck 2 part of paper for my TestDaF
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