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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

IKEA in My Life

I really love IKEA! Even receiving only its catalogue makes me happy. Some of their things are cheap! real cheap! And I will make use their cheapness with tiptop quality to the fullest in my whole life. Especially as a student in Germany. Hehe~ out of boredom I want to write about some of things that I already bought at IKEA. (all prices are in Euro) (click on pictures for extra zoom-in)

For my Bed

They are cheap and comfortable!

For Cooking and Eating

I really love all this. Where on earth you could get 3 Pots for the price of 7€? IKEA! Great quality, affordable price! and I bought children's cups and plates for two reason. Me saving money and DIET!

For Recycling

Yup, Germany has their own rules on separating the trash. So, to make it easier for me, I need a Trash-Sorter. Found one!

For My Clothes

so, check which one is your favourite at IKEA stores near you or simply check on their website http://www.ikea.com/
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