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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Insomnia do the Talk

Lets talk about feeling. About love. About heart
Shall we?

Early marriage trend do their comeback. I still remember during Primary school. Mama told us that Opah (Grandma) got married at a very young age. We all was like "Nope, I don't want to get married early." And here we are surrounding by those young parents at their twenties whom already had their first child! I'm trying to be ignorant about this, but when you hear someone saying "When will I get married?" "Am I the only one around here who are still single?" and stuffs like that non-stop, your brain keep thinking about it too. Non-stop.

I am quite secretive about this stuffs, although being secretive right now doesn't make any sense. But somehow, these questions keep bugging me :

"Do I actually like him?"
"Does my decision wrong to suddenly back off?"
"Does he likes me too after all those conversation?"

Its okay. Call me whatever you want. I am a daydreamer like that. I believe that Allah have already wrote my destiny and fate. And I believe that I will meet The Guy when the time comes. I strongly believe!

An anonymous once said to me "If you thinking about a guy before you sleep, its either you hate him or you love him"

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