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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Rant : Wedding Gifts

Do you have a dilemma when it's about buying a wedding gift.
I do

I actually hate when the gift I gave to a newly-wed isn't as interesting as other gifts. I can give me headache just thinking what should I buy for the particular couple. And I end up buying a boring gift. I guess a newly-weds receive same things when they open their presents. Perhaps 4 rice cookers, 10 mugs/tea set, 7 bed sheets and other thing. Isn't that boring? I have sometime reach to a point where I don't really give a damn about the gift and just give the couples money. But then, no sentimental value from me reach them.

Source : www.connectionsinteriors.co.uk

Interestingly, I just found out that newly-weds have a Gift List attached to their wedding invitation. The Gift List is the things that they need for their newly-wed's life but instead of buying all of that with their money, they ask the Guests to buy it for them. The gift usually includes name of item, price and the shop. With this list, guests doesn't have to think a lot for a wedding's gift. They just choose which item they want to pay for it and the couple will pick the present from the shop themselves. This list also prevents multiple gifts of the exact same things like I mention before.

Source : www.buy-our-honeymoon.com

Source : www.oxfam.org.uk

They do take it to the next level sometimes. There are list where the guest can pay parts of their honeymoon. There are also a couple who choose to do some charity with their gift. How? I've seen a list where guests could buy chickens, goats, foods, fresh water for drinks and donate money.

People should start this in Malaysia instead of splurging their money on a mere Engagement Day. My gift giving worries would be over!!!!
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