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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Rant : Memoirs

Au Revoir 2013, Wilkommen 2014
Alhamdulillah, Allah have given me an opportunity to live until today. As another year past, a lot of memories stay strongly in our heart.

Alhamdulillah again, as I had the chance to meet 2 of my primary school's friends. I met Hanis Hafizah in München and Farah Lina which spent 2 nights with her friends in Nürnberg.

We talked and recalled all those memories from primary school (SKS7 Kota Damansara). It made us realized how mischievous and naughty we were back then. I'm not really proud of what we did but that was just a stupid things we did as we try to cope in a new world.

1. We teased other girls that is not among our clique for various reason. (because of boys, clothes, games)

2. We once locked up a weak thin boy after school for one hour.

3. We fought with boys and girls for stupid reasons

4. We played pranks, distribute weird letter etc

I hope we can meet again!

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