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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Rant : 2014 To-do-list

Every year I do the whole New-Year-Resolution crap thingy. And every year I carry old resolution without any improvement. Shame on me. So this year I've decided to set things right. Improving myself.

1. Print and Paste my goal on the wall
I do this so that, everytime I wake up, I would see my goal for the first thing I open my eyes. By doing this, I have a daily reminder where I can reset my attitude every morning and I can recall what I have done to fulfill my goal

2. Save more money
I never thought I will be this kinda shopaholic. I have decided to divide my Money equally. 50% of my allowance are for my Responsibility (rent, bills), 30% for my saving account which I will deduct every first day of a month and 20% for misc. things such as groceries. I also started a €5-Saving. €5-Saving is that everytime I have €5-Note, I will never spent the money and put my €5 in a jar. So far, It has worked out pretty well.

3. Spent money on knowledge and experiences.
I once read that when people spend money by buying things, they ended up being greedy and the happiness is temporary. So, I've decided that every extra money I have, I would like to use it for travelling or new knowledge sich as Piano or Kendo. Looking forwards to those things!

So here is just some of my plan for 2014. You should start 5-Saving too! Wish me luck!

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