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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Rant : Kyary's Nanda Collection Tour

Alert! Fangirl-ling all the way!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is my new addiction. The best one yet. In fact, I keep myself completely updated with her new song. new concert. The fact that her songs have no meaning is what makes me like it so much. For example the song Tsukema Tsukeru literally a songs about a fake eyelashes. Oh. her cute Harajuku clothes too. Now I know that she is going to perform in Köln (here), I can completely ignore it. Part of myself really want to go as I'm curious of how a concert is. The other part of myself don't want to go as I might end up going alone. Really need to find someone with the same interest as me. hehehehe.

Here 3 days concert in Yokohama Arena was amazing. The stage's set and the dancers were extraordinary! Not to forget, how she perform each act for the song is also wonderful. Really wished I could go to Japan and enjoy her Magical Castle's concert.

Source : kyarychan

And thanks a lot to http://kyarychan.tumblr.com/ for providing us non-japanese Pamyuers a complete update and translation of everything related to Kyary. Thanks a lot!

Really looking forward to Kyary's concert in Köln.
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