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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Rant : Early Marriage

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate 2 of my friends for their upcoming marriage and solemnization on February and March 2014. May both of you and your partners lived together till Jannah and may your families prosper with plenty of offsprings. *^O^*

Now I have four friends whose already married with their significant other. I can't wait for their babies to be born later. Everytime I posted some photos of my friends' weddings, people throw me each time the same question : When is your turn?. And I give my only answer : When Allah permits.

My family doesn't really embrace this whole early marriage thing. My mom get married at her late 20s. So do my aunts. My cousins get married in their middle 20s. I don't see myself breaking that tradition either. But who knows. Our fate lie at Allah. Allah hold the greatest and the best Plan for each of us.

I might surprised my mother if I start to talk about my own marriage. I remembered how she constantly talked about don't get married during study when I told her that I went to a friend's wedding. Although my youngest brother sometimes mention about when will his sisters get marry because he want to play with baby. (No more sibling for him). But she sometimes mention about how will she plan "someone" wedding.

"If someone get marry, I want to do the ceremony at the community hall down the street"

I guess that "someone" could either be me or my younger sister who now studying in Jordan. I doesn't reject the idea of my younger sister to get marry first instead of me because it is not impossible. The early marriage rate among malaysian student in Egypt and Jordon is quite high. Safety and Cultural aspect in both place can be the influential factors.

Marital talk is like drugs to us women. It can be both exciting and depressing. The excitement come from imagining what is our dream wedding. We become depress as we realized that the dream wedding will not turn into reality any sooner. According to Islam, a moderate a wedding is better. But this are the things that people nowdays take for granted. When it comes to wedding, we want a moderate ceremony, but we ourselves use iPhone and Prada Handbag. As for my opinion, we should live our life moderately, spending money on what we need not on what we want. For example, one already have a well-functioned smartphone suitable for work task. Instead he/she changed for a new one for an upgrade. That is my friend is what I called Wasting Money.

Marriage is not only a platform to avoid Zina. It is not about sex. Marriage is more than that. It is about maturity, responsible and other heavy thing that we often forget. It is a beautiful ceremony that celebrates love. Thats why I sometimes laugh when the newly-weds mention avoiding Zina as a reason for their early marriage. It makes me wonder : Does all youngsters nowdays only think about sex?

I hope that young people nowdays including me reset their opinion about early marriage and think deeply about it.

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