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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Tiergarten, Nürnberg

This is definitely my first trip to  zoo in Germany. Or perhaps for such a long long time. On last Saturday, we all headed to Tiergarten Nürnberg. The tram ends right in front of the zoo, so it kinda makes things easier if one desire to go with public transport.

The feel I get inside the zoo is definitely different than a zoo in Malaysia. I would say the zoo in Malaysia is more compact and full with Animals. Here, the zoo are design to give a park-like feel. The pen and cage for the animals are huge. there are also a lot of open space if a family want to have a picnic. A lot of benches makes it easier to rest when walking through the zoo. At the restaurant, a few microwave are prepared in case one brings their own food.

I didn't take a lot of picture as the animals are moving or probably just sleeping. The pictures isn't going to be interesting. Meh. So I took a lot of videos.


snacks for Dolphins' show
Monkeys out!

After dolphins and sea lions show
Muka serabai hence the cover. Oh Oh Tee Dee

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