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Monday, 28 April 2014

A Dream Come True

-The following is my personal (and LONG) review, experiences and observation on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Concert (Nanda Collection World Tour 2014) at Cologne, Germany on 27th April 2014-  

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. A Harajuku icon. A Japanese pop culture ambassador. An Aidoru (アイドル). For Kyary's second world tour, she choose to do one of her concert in Cologne, Germany. From the day they announce the selling of the ticket, I revisited the website many times without buying the tickets. Until the third day of ticket's sale, I finally bought one. I'm glad that I bought the ticket. Unlike other venue, the tickets for her concert in Cologne sold out completely! No one resell their ticket.

I never been to a concert before. I'm quite nervous because I'm going to Cologne alone. I also dislike the idea of being in a crowded place. So Concert isn't really my thing. But since I want to see Kyary live in front of me, I decided to do it! Kyary is so special!   I went to Gloria with a perfect timing. I stood in line not to far behind and not in front. But I still manage to stand third row from the stage. From what I observed, some of them cut the queue even though they arrived late, just because they know someone in front. I saw around 20 person did this. I'm quite upset about this.   Nevertheless the mood was superb! As expected a lot of people did Kyary's cosplay and some wore their own version of grotesque kawaii and lolita fashion. Harajuku Kawaii TV took some photo of these people.  

Honestly I was tired by the time the concert start since I've been standing on my feet 3 hours straight. My position for the whole concert were great. I got quite a large place for me to wave my hand, dance and jump. I'm lucky because everyone standing around me were girls. I'm quite glad I could go home right after the concert ends and get some rest, thanks to multiple concert tips from the ultimate Kyary fan's Tumblr, Kyarychan! 2 of of the tips mention really help me maximizing my Kyary's experience - Arrive and get in line early & Buy merchandice before the concert start. Thanks to those tips, I can avoid the long queue after the concert and lack of t-shirt's size. I bought a blue T-shirt for a price of €20.

I was too happy when I saw Kyary came out to the stage. It is definitely a dream come true! I sang along to every song, words by words for the whole 1 hour and a half (8.00-9.30 pm). That was my way of making the €33-ticket worth it. A Japanese family praised me and said they were impressed that I know the songs very well not just the chorus. They said a non Japanese usually know only the chorus. *blush* I am disappointed that Kyary didn't sing Girigiri Safe, Noriko to Norio, Kimi ni 100% and Slow Mo. (Me being a selfish fan) Nevertheless the concert were still awesome with 4 energetic dancers and especially a clip where Kyary show a few Japanese culture. In the clip, she did Rakugo, played Poker and become a Rebel Girl with bikers jacket and hairstyle. (Clip for her show, TV JOHN)

Clips that I recorded last night! 

Kyary greet the audience in English with a few German sentences such as "Guten Tag" and "Habt viel Spaß zusammen". She also mention that not only English, German language are hard too. She told us that she ate sausage and visit the Grand Cathedral. I'm quite proud of myself being able to understand everything she said in japanese. The time I spent watching all those Japanese drama and listening to JPop are not a waste of time!

I will never forget this concert! I choose Kyary for my first concert, and probably the last too if Hatsune Miku's concert isn't happening anywhere near me (Malaysia/Germany). I hope that if I have the chance to go to Kyary's Concert again, I will go with a friend who is also a Kyary fan just like me!
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