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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Fancy Crêpe

Since I got involved with the Melody of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, anything related to Harajuku makes me crazy. But to dress just like them is out of my league. So I try to embrace the other part of Harajuku. The food. As they promotes all sort of kawaii genre, even the foods are kawaii. And for me ichiban kawaii is its crêpe.

So this is my attempt to make Harajuku/Japanese-inspired crêpe.

I watched some YouTube video in order to decorate the crêpe. Not exactly kawaii but quite okay for a beginner. Topping I used is instant whip cream, banana, and strawberry sauce. You could add any type of topping you desire. Use fruits, ice creams and sweet sauce such as chocolate sauce or honey. If you are not a sweet tooth, use meat, cheese and sauce like the one sell by Hot & Roll in Malaysia. So here is the final result, a normal triangle crêpe fold or a cone like the one sell in Harajuku.

Recipe (in Malay) here
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