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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Stay Comfortable in a Flight

I'm pretty sure most of us have been in a plane at least once in our life. We will be more and more familiar with it if we live abroad or travel a lot. 3-4 hours flight isn't really a big problem. The problem starts when it is a long-haul flight. I was struggling to stay comfortable in a long-haul flight. Before this I always search on
Google "how to be comfortable in flight", "how to stay hydrated in a flight", or "tips of travelling with flight".

Choosing a seat suitable to yourself (for example windows seat) is not enough to make you feel comfortable.
So here I will compile every tips I gathered from Internet which I personally do. It does help making my flight's experiences better and more comfortable.

Stay Loose
What I mean is wear a loose clothes. You will be wearing the same clothes and sitting on the same place for more than 6 hours. By wearing loose clothes, any movement within your seat will be easier. Jeans, tight and exposing top, heavy shoes and multiple complicated hijab's wrap is a big no. What I do are :

Bottom : Maxi skirt or Palazzo
Top : loose long-sleeved blouse/T-shirt
Hijab : a simple Tudung Bawal or instant hijab
Shoes : Slip-on sneakers 

To make things easier wear a maxi dress. one-pieced clothes can't go wrong. Long-sleeved is recommended to avoid getting cold and dehydrated. A pair of slip-on sneakers makes it easier for you to take off your shoes when seated and faster for you to wear shoes when you need to go to the toilet. You definitely don't want to go to the bathroom barefoot!

Stay Hydrated
Dehydration is usually the most annoying about long-haul flight. Have you ever woke up from your sleep, only to feel dry at you face, throat? I have. And during my last flight I prepared everything I need to stay hydrated during my flight. What I brought with me was :

Nasal Spray, mineral water, all-in-one lotion (body, face, hand lotion), Lip balm, a water/facial spray, eye lubricant
Remember to put everything from this list inside a liquid-bag. I used all of these every 30-45 minutes. Well, sure the people next to me find me a bit weird but instead of worrying about what people thinks, I better worry about myself. Buy a mineral water after security's check to avoid wasting your money. If you don't want to buy a mineral water, you can always ask for water from the flight-attendants.

Stay Active
Have you ever heard of "Economy-class Syndrome"? If you don't, I suggest you better click that link I provided earlier. It apparently got its name because people experiencing this symptom usually sits in economy class with less area to move around unlike those in business/first class. This is important knowledge for an air traveler despite its ridiculous name because it have cause death in a few cases. So, the only way to avoid this syndrome is by moving around and staying active. Nowadays, the in-flight entertainment system also provide a simple exercise's guide. It will be better if you could walk around the cabin for a few minutes after sitting for a long time. If you are lucky, a pair of sock is provided inside in-flight comfort kit. This sock is specially made to improve blood circulation in your feet and legs.

Sleep Tight
Travel Kit from H&M
If pillow inside the cabin isn't enough for you, then you should bring a neck pillow. A neck pillow can avoid a neck pain as your neck moves around during your sleep. To remove any unpleasant noise, it is recommended to have a noise-cancelling headphone (which can be quite pricey but a good investment) or and earplug (make sure you don't miss any meal). Bring also a eye-mask to avoid those bright light.

I hope these tips help you stay comfortable in your next flight. :-)
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