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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Foundation of Faith

My trip to Hamburg was basically to attend a talk given by Brother Nouman Ali Khan. The event target to cater only small group of people at first. But due to overwhelming RSVP from all over Germany or perhaps neighbouring country as well, the venue was change at last minute to a big auditorium in University Hamburg called Audi Max. 

That night is my first time seeing so many people with Hijab in one place here in Germany. Quite touching moment per se. Half of the hall was full with both men and women. I saw quite a few German face too. The talk was short and meaningful. He was so considerate with mother who came with children. 

most of them are busy taking selfie together. So we took a few too

A few points I got regarding to how we could nuture and nourish our faith and properties of a good mind:
  1. Make sure we have the ability to think clearly. Remove any distractions.
  2. Take on useful information. Nowdays everything is information but ability to distinguish which is infos is useful. Eg : Knowing a gossip is a useless info. 
  3. Remember God seconds. Eg : Reciting zikr with your heart.
  4. Reflect on Allah's Creations. 
  5. Nurture both intelectual and spirituality. 
  6. Reflect on Al-Qur'an
  7. Reflect on your heart to see whether any contradictions exist. Discuss it instead of keeping it to yourself.
His point regarding balancing our life and spirituality what amazed me. Remembering Allah isn't only when doing specific ibadah but making our entire life an ibadah. When we reflects on skies and earth, we remember Allah. When we help others, we remember Allah.

So no more talk. Here is the video from the talk I attended in Hamburg.

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