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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Travel2Eat : Kale Terrasse Göreme Review

After a full day of Green Tour Cappadocia, we just want to sit down and eat in a cozy warm restaurant. At first we just glance over their displayed menu outside but their waiter(?) greeted us outside and answered a few of our questions. Without giving too much thought, we decided to dine in their restaurant (mostly because it was freezing cold outside).

Kale Terrasse Restaurant
Address: Roma Kalesi Yanı
Müze Cad.
Postal code: 50180
Phone: (384)271 28 08

Our Choice : I forgot what we had ordered.

Kale Terrasse Göreme turkish coffee
Turkish coffee

Kale Terrasse Göreme rice salad
complimentary rice for main dish

Kale Terrasse Göreme pizza
My Review

  • I love the Turkish coffee. the taste is well balanced. 
  • The topping for the pizza was normal (corn, sausages, tomato etc). The cheese and the bread was delicious. That's what I like the most from the pizza
  • Great service. They had to change our table 2 times (I'm annoyed at first) but to make up for it, the gave us a free plate of rice.
  • They have a huge fireplace and we sit exactly next to it. Really recommended this restaurant during a cold winter.

Final Rating = 9/10
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