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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Travel2Eat : Green Halal Steakhouse Review

The first halal steakhouse is now open for business. It's quite hard to eat halal steak here in Germany. An acquaintance once told me there is one in Berlin but I wasn't really sure so we never try it.

Green Halal Steakhouse
Eschersheimer Landstraße 44
60322 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. 069 509 27 494

My Choice 
Sirloin Steak cooked Medium with Mediterranean rice as side dish and a complimentary bowl of salad = 19.50€
Trade Island Lemon Ice Tea = 3.50€

green halal steakhouse frankfurt complimentary salad
complimentary salad

green halal steakhouse frankfurt sirloin steak Rinderhüftsteak
my plate of sirloin steak with rice as a side dish

green halal steakhouse frankfurt sirloin steak Rinderhüftsteak
sirloin steak
My Review

  • I really like the salad dressing. finish the whole bowl of it.
  • I like how they cook my steak.
  • For me the steak is quite dry without any sauce
  • Quite surprised that the sauce is in one of the side dish which means that if I choose rice as the side dish, I don't get any sauce. - my bad though for not understanding the menu.
  • I should have ordered other drinks.
  • The provide prayer mat for Muslim. Just ask.
Final Rating = 7/10

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