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Saturday, 11 July 2015

What do we do on Eid Al-Fitr?

Eid is a celebratory day for muslims. We muslims celebrates 2 Eids - Eid Al-Fitr is celebrated right after the month of Fasting while Eid Al-Adha is to celebrate the act of sacrifice done by Prophet Abraham a.s and his son  Prophet Ismail a.s.

Ever wonder what muslims do on the first day of Eid? Well, everyone have their own cultural thingy, but overall, there are some thing that most of us do. Well, as Malaysian, there are a few common thing we do on Eid Al Fitr :

Act of Worship
It quite easy to earn reward for Hereafter in Islam - through declaring intention that every good deed we do is because of Allah Almighty. So when we take bath in the morning of the first day of Eid Al-Fitr, we intended the bath we took for Allah. My mom always reminded me every Eid morning about this. Then we wear our best clothes.

My Sibling with their new Eid's outfit
It is also advisable to eat breakfast before one head out for the Eid-Prayer. A Sermon is given before the the prayer, usually to remind us to be grateful for what we have.

Ask for Forgiveness
After Eid's Prayer, we head back home and gather in the living room. This is the time for us to ask for forgiveness with the Elders. It's not that we never admit our misdeed but here asking for Forgiveness is more of a cultural thing in Malaysia.

Gift to Children
A small amount of money as a gift will be prepared by adult in a cute envelope. Usually directly after the kids ask for their parent's forgivesness, they will receive of what we called Eid's money. This is usually the motivation for kids to try fasting during Ramadhan and then collect as many money as they can. Haish, kids these days~.

The Feast
The best time of the day - to eat. there are a huge selection of food to be eaten. Most of these food are cook only during Eid.

Visiting relatives and friends
The visit is to strengthen the ties between distance relative and the friendship with friends and family. We will visit each house, spend some time and catching up, eat their wonderful selection of Eid cookies
credit to thehive.asia

Our Eid Al-Fitr in Malaysia is celebrated at the home town or the village of our parent. This is where the whole families gather and celebrate Eid together each year. Not to forget, the Eid Photo Session with the whole family.

Home town from my mother's side

My big family

Want to know more about Eid Al- Fitr in Malaysia? Please do watch this wonderful Malaysian made animation called Upin Upin, with their special episode about Eid Al-Fitr.

Upin Ipin Eid Al Fitr : Almost Syawal
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