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Monday, 13 July 2015

Sim Card for Germany

Based on my experience

I've been tour guide for my friends in multiple occasion here in Germany. Especially in Munich and Nürnberg. The route I usually take is already embedded in my mind and every time I guide someone, it is always the same route.

credit to Wikimedia

Every time I encounter the same question - which sim card is suitable for tourist in Germany or Europe? There are a lot of cheap sim card option here in Germany. But my favourite is Lycamobile. Lycamobile is a cheap option for both permanant and temporary sim card in Germany. It works strictly using Prepaid - no contract. I've been using it as my secondary number since the first month I arrived in Germany and now it is my main phone number. Here is the reason why I find Lycamobile the best!:

Free Sim card
Yeah. Its free. Although you still need to buy it with the price of 10 €, you will get a sim card with a 10 € prepaid! All you need to do before using the sim card is to activate it at their website.

You can buy it from a supermarket called Penny or at any small phone/internet shop (photo). The

Different Package
There are multiple choice that suit your need. Either you just want a data package, or only for call and sms, you name it!

click the picture for more info (credit to Lycamobile)

Cheap international Call
This sim card also suitable for those with severe homesickness. Hehehe. Just like me. In my case, the phone call to my home country Malaysia is very cheap. A successful phone connection charge only 15 cents and the call is charge at a rate of 1 cents/minute. So right now, whenever I'm bored while waiting for my next class, I'll just reach my phone and call my family. Sometimes, I've been talking for hours (my record was 2 hours straight), and when I check my balance, it seems like nothing change!

No Roaming Charge
Yup. No roaming charge. For selected package, you could use the same number at selected 17 countries with most of it located here in Europe, which means you could use one sim for your Europe's Tour!

click the picture for more info (credit to lycamobile)

I'll hope that my review will help you for your next travel to Germany or any country in Europe.
Have fun travelling!

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