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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Rant : Wedding Fantasy

I'm sure that every girls (and some boys) in this planet have their own dream wedding. Fantasizing our wedding is one of the pleasure we enjoy as a girl precisely a woman. I think men rarely do this. Well, as a woman myself (woman ke?) I do once in a while fantasize about my dream wedding. Every time I think about it, I ended up thinking about the same things over and over.

Private Small Wedding
I dream of having a very private small wedding. Like what Maria Elena did for her Majlis Berinai - Just between closed family and friends. Typical Malay wedding usually invite a huge amount of people for a wedding, the kind that need 3-4 tents or a big hall with a buffet. I plan to go against this custom and do a private wedding, where I invites only a few of my lovely really good friends. Same goes to both my parent and my siblings. If they want to invite someone, they must invite only their really good friend. Why do I plan a private wedding? Because I hate the idea of going to a wedding reception without even meeting the bride and groom or sometimes don't have the chance to meet them at all just because their too busy attending other invites. Plus I could also meet the most important person of my sibling's and parent's life.

A DIY Wedding
As for me, DIY wedding means I get to do most of the decoration by myself/by hand with the help from a few people. This means the wedding will be simple and special handcrafted by me and my family. Thanks to Google and Pinterest, there are a lot of DIY tutorials for Wedding Deco. Plus it don't even cost a fortune! Which means I could save some money!

Enjoyable Wedding
The normal flow of a typical Malay wedding is that you go to the wedding, eat, give your gift, meet and take some photo with the newly-wed (depending on the situation), and go home. That's it. All of this just loops back to the kind if wedding reception that I hate. Since I plan to have a private wedding, the idea of enjoyable wedding is possible. Taken from Maria Elena's Majlis Berinai, she did a Godfather movie theme a.k.a  Mafia theme. I bet they did a few games too with the guests.

Wedding is a very special occasion. And I certainly want to celebrate it with my family and closed friends. They are important to me and I want to share the moment with them.

Do you have a dream wedding? :-)
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