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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Liebster Award

Well, judging from the name, I guess this award start in Germany.

I don't usually do award, but since the nomination are from my friend Amy, I could make an exception.
Thanks Amy for the award. You are such a sweetheart!

liebster award blogging blogger
Rules of Liebster Award
1) Post a short Q&A about themselves
2) Answer the questions the tagger has asked
3) Create a new list of questions for their own nominees
4) Choose a list of their own nominees and notify them (I'm not going to do this since I'm too lazy. Sorry!)


1. What is the last dream you remember?
I'm sorry. Its a bad dream. I can't tell you. Here's why : Dream in Islam

2. Do you have any pets? if so, what are they and what are their names? if not, what would you want as a pet?
I once own a fish caught by Iqa at a Japanese New Year Festival. I never named it. Sadly it died at the hand of my younger brother when I first came to Germany.

3. What’s a bad habit you have?
Forgetting the task/things I need or should do, excessive talking

4. Who do you trust most in the world?
My BFF, Iqa

5. What’s the last song you listened to?
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Saigo no Ice-Cream (The last ice cream). I first heard this song on her concert in Cologne that I went

6. Favorite way to spend a lazy day
Waste time online, catching up with The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural and Detective Conan, Go for a stroll at Altstadt N├╝rnberg

7. What are your proudest moment of in your life?
When I confess to my crush face-to-face

8. When did you first fall in love?
Second semester of Form 4 in MRSM

9. Are you good at hiding your feelings?
Depend on the situation. I guess I'm quite good at it.

10. What was your last thought before you went to bed last night?
"Am I an adult ADHD??"
I took 10 different ADHD online test since a few of my bad habits have been bothering me. Every test diagnose me as an adult ADHD. (Yes, I know that is not a real diagnose. I should see a doctor but seriously to which doctor should I go?)

11. Top 5 movies

How to Train Your Dragon

Red 1 and 2

Ataru : First Love and Last Kill

Ana to Yuki no Joou (Japanese version of Frozen)

Liebster = Sweetheart
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