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Monday, 19 May 2014

Rant : ADHD

In today's Era of technology and internet, people can become famous easily and instantly. For example, upload a stupid funny video to YouTube and become famous when the video get viral.

Anything can be viral anywhere. In Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or even a blog. I'd say rarely a blog. There are a few famous blogs that are good. With thousands of followers, beautiful and clean design of blog and the most important things, the quality of every new blogpost. I have followed a few of them, such as Cursing Malay, Angel Pakai Gucci, amd Shea Rasol's blog.

So, What is your point?
Nothing. I was bored waiting for Maghrib to break my Fast. Seriously, I regret no clearing all my Fasting's debts during winter. The duration for fasting will be a lot shorter that right now. The Hunger! Straight from 3.22 am until 9.00 pm. Another one and a half hours to go!

Why blog?
I actually never thought about it. My first debut in blogging was horrible. I never knew how to control my writing. The blog was awful! I already deleted it. I start this blog when I first came to Germany. Most of my early posts were short with only one picture. I don't know why I don't choose Tumblr. I guess I blog because I want to share something. Something useful with other people. Something that I have tried myself. Famous? Nah, it's already beneath me. I once think about that but then again I feel like I'm wasting my time.

Ever feel the need to change?
Constantly! I'm changing and I'll keep changing, for my own good. I started ODOJ - one day one juzu' a few weeks ago, Alhamdulillah it keep getting better and better. I start getting familiarize with Kahfi, Mathurat. Now I'm trying not to delay my salah. Why I'm telling all this? As a reminder and declaration to myself.

Anything new?
I'm fatter. Hahahaha. A few good thing have been happening lately. My newly revert friend is getting marry this year! I'm so excited about it that I start thinking what clothes should I wear on her ceremony! I feel so happy for her. All good thing keep coming to her after she revert. And I glad she came in my life. She exposed me to see things in a new  perspectives. Alhamdulillah.

Have you ever plan your future?
Well of course! Since high school. Although a few things did happen which is beyond my plan. Allah is a better Planner. And recently I renew a few things in my plan. I hope everything will be fine.

P/s : Too random!!!!!!

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