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Friday, 28 March 2014

Rant : Birthday Wishes

Last Tuesday on 25th March was my birthday. I was happy that I can celebrate it with my family in Malaysia. My mom ask Nadzmi, my younger brother to buy a cake at Secret Recipe. Nadzmi selected a Black Forest cake. I thought a very single cake sell at Secret Recipe is delicious. I was wrong! The Black Forest cake was normal and not special at all. Everyone only took a slice and that was it. No one wanted a second helping. The whole day, Nadzmi was blamed for choosing the wrong cake.

I also got some birthday wishes. 5 of it was exactly on my birthday while 4 of it come from people who thought my birthday was on 26th and other was a belated wishes. I didn't received a lot of wishes and I was happy with that. Why? Because for me birthday is important day and I don't some random acquitances and strangers talk to only once a year wishing just "HB". That is the main reason why I hide my birthday in Facebook. I just dislike the idea someone wishing me just because he/she got a reminder from Facebook's. To me, someone wishing my birthday without any kind of weird reminder is something special. I got a feeling that they know me. I'm not some kind of people that just pass by in their life.

The whole things applied to me too. I didn't do what I dislike to everyone else. Birthday wishes is special for me and as I prefer I give it to some people only. The one that are important for me.

Thanks for all your wishes! I pray that all your wishes to me will happen to you too. Amiinn.

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