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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Suddenly in Malaysia

First of all let use send our prayer for everyone on-board MH370 which went missing right now. #PrayforMH370

(My review on Munich Airport, Emirates Economy Class, and Dubai Airport)

My decision to go home was really sudden. After searching for ticket for one hour, I was set on flying to Malaysia with Emirates. On 10 March, I took my Emirates economy flight from Munich Airport.

In Munich Airport, I need to pass through gate C19. Let me warn you something. No appetizing food is sold beyond the Gate C. A small cup of Cappuccino cost €4! Since most flight passing this Gate are from Arabian airlines, a no-pork and non-alcoholic sign is clearly stated at every item sold beyond this gate. But that doesn't mean the meat are Halal. I suggest you eat to your heart content before passing through any gate.

I was excited to fly with Emirates. I always hear about them being the best and classy event for the economy class. From my experience I gave 3.5 out of 5 Stars. The reason the lost 1.5 Stars is because they only served food during my 5 hours (MUC-DXB) and 7 hours (DXB-KUL) flight once. The food was delicious though. When I flew with Egyptair last year, we were given full-course meal 2 times for our long haul flight. Guess Emirates is quite stingy with their food. Hehehe.

The ICE (Information, Communication, Entertainment) System is the best. A USB port and a universal socket is also available for those who wish to use their laptop. The  Every new movie is included in it. Being a Japanese drama and movie fans, I search for that part first. It was wonderful. I can watch with English subtitles for movie "Ataru : First Love and Last Kill" and "Anna to Yuki no Joou" (Frozen Japanese dub) during my flight. The best part is the Japanese version of movie Frozen wasn't release until 14 March! I was satisfying to know that three movie from Malaysia is included in the ICE.

The in-flight amenities is satisfying too. The pillow is soft and comfortable. The blanket is by far the best I have try. It is quite thick and warm. I wish I could grab that blanket! Their "Oshibori" or hot towel service is  good if you want to stay refresh in flight. But I wish they gave it a bit later. I also like the fact they include a small air conditioner. Because of this I wasn't dehydrated as I usually on a flight.

I transfer airport was Dubai Airport. I expect to see people with long black garment and niqab in here. I guess that observation only valid when I step outside the airport. Although it was a Muslim country, no food really open my appetite. I was hoping I'll be able to eat everything since it will be halal. I guess the food just doesn't suit me. The toilet and the mosque does make me happy! I can finally have the kind of cleaning I desire after every trip to toilet. Western-styled toilet is for me a bit unhygienic since the only option I have is tissue. Most of the worker in gate B isn't with Arabian look but south-east Asian look. Most of their face look like people from Indonesia and Vietnam to me. Since this airport is huge, I suggest you to find out which gate wild your next flight be. If the gate is at another building, you might need to take a train to reach it.

Overall, I was pleased with my journey as nothing unpleasing happened. Alhamdulillah.

Here is a short video of my siblings and I having lunch at Sushi King :

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