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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

New Houses

After attending a wedding reception of my father's friend, my parent took me to see our new home in Aman Putri and another home which is still in construction in Kampung Melayu Subang. My mom recently have the urge to buy more houses as she said that it will be ours later. She said to us : "Its the only safest thing I can provide for you all in the future."

The house in Aman Putri is already completed. it is located at the first phase of the housing lot in Aman Putri. It is a 2-storey house with 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom. Although most houses here is vacant, they are already a few occupied houses. It certainly reminded me the feeling I get when we first move to Section 7, Kota Damansara when I was little. My family made a few improvement to the house by adding bars on sliding door and windows. All fans and lamps were also added.

Our house at Aman Putri is currently available for rent. My mom once get a call asking inquiry about the rent. Since most house here are rent at price RM1200-1300, my mom put a price of RM1000 per month. To her surprise, the person replied "Go die you blood-sucking leech!".I was furious when I heard the story. That person should expect that kind of price when he/she have the courage to think about renting at such place. Considering every improvement my family made to the house, RM1000 is quite cheap.

Next we went to the construction site of other house. The house my mom plan on making in this site really spark my interest. It reminds me of housing area in Germany. Although the house is a 2-storey house, each level is design for one family. Which means, when this house complete, It will be a like a small apartment where one family live downstairs while the other live upstairs. Each storey have 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom.

p/s : Pardon for my manly voice. LOL
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