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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Rant : L.O.V.E

Doesn't this seem awkward, to talk about love out of nowhere. Well let me tell you the reason. But before I start blabbing and nagging everything about love, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate my friend upon his announcement of marriage. Go lead that girl to Jannah!

So around this week and last week, I had been receiving a lot of new about love, engagement or marriage. And somehow, people keep talking about it. Even someone unrelated to those topic randomly mention it to me. Making it worst, I even dreamt about it! Now I am quite depress. (Exaggerate!)

Early marriage has been quite a topic for this pass few years. And I don't see me anywhere in a position to embrace it. Why? I really have no real experience about love. My only memories about love is when I had a crush on a guy back on high school. I got to admit that I was pretty dumb and stupid back then. I did everything I could to please him with secret gifts and with just one sentence I ended up messing everything up. I confess and the guy walked away.

I was that one friend that people describe as "A Friend who good at giving love advice but never experienced it". I also puzzled about it. Why people seek my advise for love although they know that truth? I am novice about love. I am novice on pleasing boyfriend as I never had one. Perhaps, my lack of experiences is the reason for all this.

I was once a very good friend with a good guy I know at some camps. We only met once and continue contacting each other on facebook.  He is a very good man. We always shared on what happening in our life through facebook chat or social messaging. There was a point where I felt really bored just because I didn't text him that day. But one day, he text me something that made me panic and afraid. The word was "Where is my beloved precious girl?" or something like that. I had a vague memory on it. Guess what? I panic, quickly say bye and never text him again.

You may called me stupid to panic over some text message but that was not an easy topic for me. I rather did Gravimetry Analysis 10 times than facing that again. (Trust me, finishing even one Gravimetrical Analysis is stressful) I really don't know how to react to something like that. I don't know whether he is joking or really meant it. Either way, I really don't know what to do. And to this day I regretted my action as things has been quite awkward between us. Hm...
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