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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Munich Again?!

Yup. Munich. Some people did asked me , why I visited Munich multiple times. My first reason is, Munich is the second city that I like to spend my time other than my current city N├╝rnberg. My last reason is, Munich is kinda nostalgic to me. I lived in Munich when I first came to Germany in 2012. I know Munich. I love Munich!

So, this time, Afiqah, Diyana, Sakinah and I let our stress out during last Pfingsten's Holiday (I don't know what holiday this is in english). We have three main things in our To-Do list.

And the first was Allianz Arena. All of us are not football fan. But that doesn't stop us from admiring the stadium (It's just a normal stadium). While we search for the FC Bayern Megastore, we walked inside the stadium and took some pictures (a must for a girls' trip). But we didn't manage to seat inside the stadium or walk on the field as this require special tour and a non-football fan like me wouldn't want to spend my money for that. hahahahahaha

I was the only one who didn't bought anything in the store. They bought a lot of things as a present for thei siblings in Malaysia. What a good sisters! hehehe. After-meth of shopping is famine. So we headed for a sushi restaurant named Kyoto Sushi. What truly amazing about this place is, their All-You-Can-Eat menu isn't limited to only one hour but 2-3 hours. We arrived at 1.15 pm and we are allowed to eat until 3.00 pm! They have great selection of sushi and fried foods too

With full stomach, we then went to Karlplatz Stachus and window shopping until Marienplatz. The trip to Munich is not complete without Frogis. It isn't anything related to frog but a delicious and affordable frozen yogurt. As far as I know, it is only in Munich. Perhaps that was the reason why we chose to buy with the biggest cup!

So that's it!

p/s : I took a lot of video for each of my trip since I had an Keek's account. But its in my mother language (malay). Do visit it if you would like to watch them!

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