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Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Manner of Prophet Muhammad pbuh

I suddenly remember a story told by my Naqibah of Usrah, Kak Ain about Prophet Muhammad pbuh. She said that everything that Rasulullah did was a da'waa.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh always help a blind old lady. Since that lady is old, she had trouble with her food. So everyday Prophet Muhammad pbuh visit that old lady and chew some food for that lady. That old lady always bad-mouthing about Prophet Muhammad pbuh. She didn't know that the man who always help her is that person she always talked about. Despite her attitude, Prophet Muhammad pbuh never fail to go and help that old lady.

As year passed, Prophet Muhammad pbuh passed away. Now his best Friend Abu Bakar continued to help that old lady replacing his best friend. That old lady felt the difference and asked, "this is different from usual. Who are you and where are the person who usually help me?" Abu Bakar explained "That person who used to help you is Muhammad. He already passed away" Shocked with that news, the old lady felt ashamed. She then embraced the one true religion, ISLAM.

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