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Saturday, 25 August 2012

That Curiosity

I am a girl with passion. Everything that I like and love, I’ll do it energetically. The same thing as my passion towards Japan and its culture. The Japanese might find it normal as they are many foreigners who has a weird obsession towards them.

After watching tons of Japanese dramas, I already get used to their language or Nihon-go. I already know a few things about their education system, about their religions, their politeness and mostly their culture. As a Muslim myself, I somehow try to relate myself with them. A lot of question pops into my mind.

Since most Japanese are workaholic, how is it for a Muslim to perform prayers at work? Since their kindergarten provide food for kids, how did the Muslim’s kid eat? Since they go to school wearing skirt for the girls, what did the Muslim’s student wear to school?

islamic centre japan school plan

So, I started to search about it on Google. My guess is “ Muslim kid in Japan” and “Islam in Japan”. After trying to read a few websites, I stumble upon this article which I found really interesting and really answered my questions. You can read it here. Even I myself read it so many times as it is written beautifully.

tokyo jamee mosque

Then, I try to search on YouTube, to see if I can find any video related to it. I watch a few video about children in an event. I’m attracted to this song…

Ichi ban me, ALLAH daisuki

Ni ban me, RASULULLAH suki

San ban me, Mama Papa suki

Ichi, ni, san minna daisuki...

Then, I started to watch a few related videos about Japanese people convert to Islam…



Suddenly, I burst into unexplained tears…

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