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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Eid Al-Fitr in Germany

After one month fasting, we finally celebrated Eid Al-Fitr. This is the first time I celebrate Eid Al-Fitr without my family. To make sure that our festive days in Germany were no different than in Malaysia, we planned to cook a lot of dishes. The boys did planned on celebrating Eid Al-Fitr together, but since they didn't willing to prepare a room for us to sleep (not a gentleman), we refused and planned our own celebration. Merrier and cheaper

After a few discussion, we decided to cook Rendang Ayam, Pulut Kuning, Kari Ayam, Lontong and Nasi Impit. Not to forget the cookies that we already baked last week. My mom sent a few type of traditional chips for me. Our Eid Al-Fitr is just the same as in Malaysia. We ate Rendang and Lemang. We visit others. We wore baju Kurung. So.. Let the picture do the talk!

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