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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Rant : Why Traffic Jam is abnormal in the City?

Yesterday was the first time of my whole life in Germany to see a traffic jam here in Nürnberg. So rare that I want to take a picture of it! I always wonder why there almost no traffic jam here despite there are multiple Tram lines using the street too daily. The road isn't that broad as in my home country Malaysia, plus with big and long tram using it together with the cars. Despite the odds, the amount of traffic jam are almost near zero.

The traffic jam wasn't happened coincidentally. It was the result of the strike from people working with the public transportation company. The protest is because of the low payment they received which is not worth or even suitable with the working hours. They have been at it for 3 days, protesting to get an increase in payment. Although having a strike yesterday was definitely an inconvenience. Why? Because of the match between Germany and USA.

Now I know why there are n traffic jam although there are tram on the road. The reason lies on the tram itself. It shows that how importance the public transportation here and how almost all people use it on daily basis.

p/s : I hope in Malaysia, instead of building more highways and road to overcome the traffic jam, the build and provide more on public transports.
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