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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Rant : Random Facts about Me

Never involve with REM sleep during the day. Lesson learnt! So since I can't sleep, I might as well update my blog with some random stuff.

3 Top Facts about Me

1) Pyjama Maniac
I guess the way my parent raised me up with multiple choice of pyjama have made me a pyjama maniac. I care more about my pyjama than clothes that I wear during the day. Pyjama seems bizzare in Malaysia if you are not a kid. I avoid wearing pyja when I was in boarding school because some of them will mock me. I guess the freedom in Germany give me the opportunity to collect pyjama

2) Camerawoman
Ever since I own a DSLR my love to Photography increase dramatically. I own a Nikon D40 that I bought from a friend. That camera is pretty basic and suitable for a beginner like me. I also long to own various type of lens but my brain keep telling me to master all basic photography technique first. I want to be a freelance photographer one day.

3) Woman of high determination
I can't be changed once I've decide on something. I'm also a person that will do everything that I had already decide. For example : I once confess to my crush after we both finish with our examination.
I also went for a trip to London alone since I want to go there so badly and none of my friends want to go with me. I also have decide to do something pretty crazy next year. Wish me luck.

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