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Saturday, 23 November 2013


I recently had been invited for an interview for my Practical Semester next year. Although I had been taught about interview during my high school year with a so-called Mock Interview, it really can't help me overcome my fear for this interview. Fear of language barrier.

Having an Interview in my mother tongue, Malay or sometimes in English always give me the chills. But in German. Not only the language is a bit hard, I become more afraid thinking that the theme of my interview would be about analytical Chemistry at a chemistry-related factory. To be honest, I never stop having butterfly in my stomach ever since the Interviewer called me to inform the invitation. Yes, it was definitely a good thing because that is the first response I ever get since I applied as an Intern at multiple company. How I wish I can throw away all my fear and walk to the office later with confidence.

My aim for Internship during Practical semester is Analytical Chemistry. I love laboratory work compared to factory work. I also hope I can work on analytical chemistry in Forensic. Well, all those Police, Psychological, Crime dramas does a good job on influencing to be interested in Forensic.

Wish me luck for my interview on upcoming 29/11/2013. Your prayer helps a lot!

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