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Friday, 6 December 2013

Why Sometimes I Choose to Travel Alone

1) Fun
There is a different kind of fun I get when I travel alone. Surely having companions fun, but when I travels alone, I enjoy the time with myself.
2) Control
When I travel alone, I get to control everything. I can visit any place I want, I can eat anytime I want, I can walk at my own pace etc. I don't get this kind of control when you travel in group although you are the leader of the group.
3) “Me” time
Since I started travel alone, I know my own ability. I know what I can do. Travelling alone also help build my confidence. I learn to trust and look at myself better.
4) No negative Feeling.
This part probably triumph the reason why I travel alone. People don't have to put up with my attitude and I don't have to put up their attitude. Its mutual. I don't have to worry about what other thinks about me or what I think about them. I travel happier without any feel of discomfort. I can concentrate more on my holiday too. I hate the feeling when I hold up everything I feel.
Surely I love to travel with other people. But for me, my ideal group travel is 4 people. Less is better. When its about travelling, I agree with Sheldon Cooper. More is not merrier. It is sometime suffocating.
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