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Saturday, 14 December 2013


There are 2 type of fate. The one that we can control and the one that we can't control. But as a servant of Allah, effort is the most inportant thing.

Fate determine with who and when we get marry.
I used to think that I should wait for the love of my life. But my friends once said, people that wait without any work are useless. Strike right at my heart. Touched.

Islam never treat their woman as a Princess. They treat us woman as both a Queen and a warrior. I don't want to be like Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty waiting to be rescued, giving themselves to any man that rescue them. I want to a woman that free myself from any oppression and obstacle. I want to choose for myself. Like Siti Khadijah r.a that choose to proposed Prophet Muhammad pbuh. I want to find my own best Prince by myself.

I once read a comment of a father shared in Facebook.

“If my daughter that ask my permision to get marry is a girl that mingle among guys, go home late at night, I never let her marry the guy. But if my daughter is a girl that respect herself, wear proper clothes and obidient to Allah and His Prophet, I'll be more that happy to marry my daughter. A good Woman is for a good man and vice versa”

I need to prepare myself.
I need to be better.
I need to be worthy.

I already prepared my step. I just need a proper time to execute the plan. After study or final year of my bachelor would be a good time InsyaAllah.

I'll make sure Iqa will always be by my side for every step I make. I need some support.
After my parent, Iqa will be the one that know everything first. I want Iqa by my side through every step towards marriage, Engagement and tying the knot.

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