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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Just Married!

... but not me. Last summer, 2 of my friend got married! It was Liyana as the girl's representative and Fauzan as the boy's representative. Oh my goodness! I never imagine that I will be attending my friends' wedding this early. Time sure fly faster now.

I manage to attend Liyana's Nikah (Wedding vow) in Manjung, Perak. She meet her husband in their university. Since the invitation was sudden, I didn't manage to bring any Present. Sorry Liyana, I'll buy you a gift next year when I'm in Malaysia.

And as for Fauzan's Wedding, I attended Kenduri (Reception) both side! Since I didn't know his wife, Iqa and I only plan on going to Fauzan's Kenduri at Parit Buntar. Alhamdulillah, somehow we were invited to the one in Titiwangsa as well. The both of them know each other is remarkable! Since I'm too lazy to type (blogging on smartphone), their story remain a secret. Just going to let you know a small detail of it : They met through our Friend's Umi.

Seeing they got married made me feel old and lonely! And after I came back to Germany, two of my other friends, Yusof and Farhana announce their marriage too.

post lemau!
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