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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Eid Ul Fitr 2013

The opportunity to celebrate Eid in Malaysia a rare opportunity for someone like me who spend most of the year outside Malaysia. And I intended to enjoy Eid to the fullest.

My family spent our first day of Eid in  Perak. I was overjoyed because my grandmother's house in Perak perfectly fit our big family. When I talked about Eid in Perak, All I think is "Pulut Dakap", a sticky rice which were wrap in Bananas' leaves. Malaysian loves food and Eid is one of the Holiday with lots of delicious food
I attended my friend's Wedding on the second day of Eid. A few of my old schoolmates and I travelled all the way to Manjung, Perak to celebrate the first wedding in our batch. The 2 hours' journey was totally worth it when we saw Liyana's happy newly-wed face. Congratulation, Liyana and spouse!

Next, we visited Fikri's House since he also live in that area. After updating our story, we then went Home to Parit Buntar!

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