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Sunday, 6 January 2013

All Around Christmast Holiday (LONG POST)


Our Journey began in Nürnberg. And the Holiday began with a Bowling night! We play at Brünswick Bowling Centre near Rathenauplatz. After 2 game, all of us started to feel tired.

Final pose!
waiting for bus to go home

Well, I think most of people are wondering why the Nürnberg's Christkindlesmarkt are famous. With that same reason, that was our supposedly second destination. We all came to Hauptmarkt (site for Christkindlesmarkt) with a disappointment just to realize that it closed early on 24th Dec! So, we just walked around Hauptmarkt taking pictures.


We then travelled to Augsburg, spent a few night, went for a coffee night out at Henry's Cafe and the grand destination Neuschwanstein's Castle at Füssen

Neuschwanstein, Füssen

Book your ticket online! We have to queue for 1 hour just to buy the ticket. Luckily discounted ticket for student are available. you have to buy your ticket first before going to the castle. No ticket are sell at the castle. and the ticket is for guided tour, the only way to see the interior of the castle.It is free if you just want to stroll around the castle's ground. The Walk to the castle is around 30 minutes. Its tiring but the view is magnificant! I think there are shuttle bus and horse carriage with a price for those lazy tourist. And the best view of Neuschwanstein is from Marienbrücke (Marien Bridge). Choose either bus to Marienbrücke or 40 minutes of walking and a bit hiking through the wood. I took the latter as there were no bus available that day.
queue for the tickets

that 30 minutes journey to the castle

horse carridge

only 4 of us made it to the Marienbrücke
nearby castle. 

another relaxing day at Mannheim after tiring day at Neuschwanstein. The only thing we did in Mannheim is watching movie The Hobbit. I don't really enjoy the movie for 2 reasons - I was too hungry (reason I'm being moody all day long) and I am not Lord of The Ring fan. I slept at the first half of the movie. Then we went to eat Nasi lemak at one of the GMi-Student's Hostel.

Frankfurt am Main

We went to Frankurt for 2 reasons - Ice-skating and eating Malaysian food. Since the restaurant that we went, Jade Magic Wok is a chinese Restaurant, we only ordered seafood and vegetables. I will never forget that Kangkung Belacan!

Kangkung Belacan
Steamed Fish chinese style

Tom Yum (there's coconut milk in it)

Bubur Pulut Hitam

Then we went ice-skating at sport centre (Eissporthalle, Frankfurt). As usual, we pay a discounted student price for entrance fee. no discount for renting the shoes. The price are per entrance, so you can play as long as you want. Ice-skating is new for me. so most of the time I stay at the corner practicing by myself. hehehe

So, that is it! these pretty sums up my Chrismast vacation. Adios!
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