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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christkindlemarkt, Nürnberg

My first attempt to visit the famous Christmas Market in Nürnberg was a mess. I arrived at Hauptmarkt at 8.38 pm only to see people were cleaning their stall. I forgot that it closes at 8.00 pm on weekdays. And last Friday, I only wanted to print some photos for my 2013's Calender and bought some picture frame at Nanu-Nana. Then I decided on the spot that I should go to the Christmas Market. And so I went!

First I visited Nürnberger Kinderweihnacht which this is a kids' version of Christmas Market. Everything here are related to kids. 

Weihnacht = Christmas

Then I moved to the main Christmas Market. This place is PACKED! Sometime I walked depending on the flow. Well of course they served the famous drinks during this cold time which is Glühwein. As a Muslim, I cannot try that. So other option is Glühpunsch or Kinderpunsch which contains no alcohol. These Drinks come with a specialized mug according to the year. You can keep the mug if you want. But for those who don't want the cup may return it to the shop and get a refund. But I didn't drink it yet as I want to wait my friends and drink it together!

There are many kind of stalls here but usually this things are expensive. What makes it hard is, sometimes items sold here are quite rare.

They sell miniature things for dolls!

Waffle shop!
Waffle + Nutella = Perfection!

Musical Instruments are sell here

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