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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Salzburg, Austria

Its been 2 week (I think) from my visit to Salzburg, Austria. For those who didn't know, Salzburg is the birthplace of Mozart. Salzburg is also famous with... Hehe, googled it yourself. So, I wanna share a few picture here since I didn't upload them in Facebook due to snail-speed Internet connection.

Arriving at Salzburg main train station. Travel to Salzburg by Bayern Ticket are cheaper and can be used up to 5 person per ticket.

Bring your student card and buy this card for EUR24,50. With this card, selected sightseeing places are free for first time entrance and free ride with all public transport!

Our firs destination is Maribell Garden. This place is beautiful during Spring. Me with Kana (left) and Mikiko (middle)

                                                                       Are we lost??

             meet the Wicked Witch on our way to the castle on top of the hill (I forgot the name!)

                                                   Me and the scenery throughout Salzburg

                                                                 Oh, A camera! Pose!

                                                                 Mozart Birth House

                                                           Mozart's Family Residence

Schloss Hellbrunn and Wasserspiel. This place is amazing. But be careful if you don't wanna get wet.

Since I haven't fully explore this place, I'm gonna visit it again next time! Maybe when Iqa visit Germany...

German words -->
Schloss : castle
Wasser : water
Spiel (spielen) : play
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