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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Malaysia, I'm home!

Warning : Long and boring post without pictures as I wrote this with my smartphone.
6:35 pm, 29th July 2013. I officially landed at KLIA after flying with Egyptair since 3.10 pm, 28th July 2013. As the plane approched KLIA, my friends and I somehow felt quite scared and nervous. We left Malaysia for 1 year 4 months to study in Germany. So, we thought the Changes in our country was scary. Perhaps the right word for us will be unprepared. 

Everything was smooth after we landed and collected our baggage. Somehow it is early than scheduled. Even my parent had to change their plan. They thought I be late same as their experience with my sister's arrival from Jordan. So they told me that they went for Maghrib first before KLIA. But since I was early, so the pick me up first

Malaysia succeed in getting all of my attention. People around me speak my Malay. Mosques are everywhere. Signboard that I can understand. Even the toilet with waterhose catch my attention! I hate europe for not having waterhose in toilet for a dry toilet. I must say that a dry toilet is clean but to think that I can't clean properly is disappointing. So everytime I go to the toilet, I always bring a bottle of water. The downside of the toilet is no toilet paper inside the cubicles.

Another things that catch my attention is the Price. The price sure change a lot during the past one year. Since I already get used to the price listing in Germany, I think that the thing in Malaysia are quite expensive. The crazy thing is, I find €3 is cheaper than RM12 although the value is almost the same after I change Euro to Ringgit Malaysia. For example : the price of medium size Frappucino. The price of milk in Germany is cheaper. In Germany, a 1L low fat milk cost €0,60 which means around RM1+. But when I went to Giant yesterday, the cheapest one I could find is RM4.80. I ended up not buying anything

And after spending almost 1 month in Malaysia. I still thinks all item are expensive
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